People with a disability, poor health (including mental health) and those that are disadvantaged face challenges of social exclusion, isolation and accessibility.

Supported by our founding partners – Impact Co. and Luna – The Good Incubator is on a mission to create a more inclusive and equitable community by harnessing the innovation of startups to solve some of our community’s most challenging issues.


How it Works

Our 12-week program supports startup founders to manage and improve their wellbeing, accelerate organisational growth and impact, and improve business outcomes.
Live-in Residential

•  Focuses on supporting the personal growth of founders, building their skills and capabilities to lead a successful startup.

•  Provides founders a transformational experience, developing the capacity and ability to impact true business change.


•  Each startup will be matched with an experienced mentor, providing  a sounding board and support for key decisions.

Enterprise Pathway

•   An 11-week program catering to the specific needs of each startup.

•  Centered on group education and individual sessions that focus on enhancing the legal, accounting, marketing and investment skills needed to accelerate growth and impact. The scope of support provided during this stage can include:


•  Delivered by experienced industry leaders and content experts, each carefully chosen to maximise results for your startup.

2019 Intake

For the 2019 program, we’re partnering with Australia’s leading disability organisation – National Disability Services. This means that in 2019, we’ll be focusing on disability-specific startups that have the potential to make a massive impact.

Applications closed: 9 November 2018

Who we’re looking for

1.  Sector focused: Startups operating in the disability sector

2.  Early stage with a validated concept: Startups should be up and running or have a proven MVP, demonstrating that the idea has traction.

3.  Social impact: The work of your startup contributes to creating good outcomes for people and their communities.

4.  Team: Our preference is for startups that are built around a team that has the core skills necessary to take the business forward.

5.  Scalable: We like our startups to have a technology, software or hardware element embedded in what they do. This will help to deliver more impact to more people. However, we’re still keen to work with non-technology startups that are able to demonstrate that their idea is unique and the impact is great.

No Cost

The Good Incubator is supported by LaunchVIc.

This means that there is no cost for founders participating in the 2019 program.




Mr Gecko is an over tyre for wheelchairs that is low cost and easy to install, enabling people to in wheelchairs to more easily access the beach and other, offload locations.


“I have grown immensely with my mindset and confidence. I have also grown professionally, gaining a greater confidence in the business environment and learning how to run and organise a startup business.”

“Since taking part in the Impact Co. incubator program, I have:

•  Set-up two companies (IP and Trading Companies)

•  Created a minimum viable product

•  Accessed seed investment”

Founder, Mr. Gecko

Strong Brother Strong Sister offers unique one-on-one mentoring to Aboriginal people aged 4 – 25 that are at risk. SBSS is run by Aboriginal people, and focuses on the importance of Aboriginal culture to support the young people that it engages with.


“Since the incubator, my business has grown exponentially. I have hired three full time mentors, received two major grants that will go towards cultural exchanges between Victoria and other states, and worked with an additional 50 Aboriginal young people (bring the total to close to 700 young people since the the start of 2017).

I can wholeheartedly say that the incubator has changed the course of my business for the better.”

Founder, Strong Brother Strong Sister

Health Delivered is a world first technology platform enabling dieticians to build meal plans in minutes (a task that currently takes hours).


“The program was really positive, providing an opportunity to think about self care, awareness, stress, responsibility, leadership, and team building as well as pushing ideas, innovation and collaboration. It is rare to invest so much time in yourself and be positively forced out of your comfort zone.

Since the Impact Co. incubator program, we have:

•  Acquired our first paying customers

•  Hired a Chief Technology Officer

•  Signed a partnership agreement with a company in Italy to expand to the EU”

Founder, Health Delivered



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